The 1st International Workshop on Automated Specification Inference

Specifications provide programmers with the confidence their implementations are correct. Formal specifications can even automatically verify the code and specification are consistent, providing additional guarantees. However, most programmers do not write such specifications as it is either too hard, too time consuming, or requires expertise not widely available. Tools and techniques have been developed over time to (semi)automate the generation of such specifications, to varying success.

The International Workshop on Automated Specification Inference (WASPI) provides a venue for researchers and practitioners to come together and discuss the current state of the art of and challenges to specification inference techniques and tools. For example, how do we infer more complex and usable specifications? How do we increase the accuracy of the inference techniques? How do we encourage practitioners to use the inference tools and techniques more than they currently do? The goal of this workshop is to identify the most pressing open problems facing specification inference researchers and provide a solid direction toward solving those problems.

Important Dates

Submissions due:July 27, 2018 August 8, 2018
Author Notification:August 24, 2018
Camera-ready due:September 14, 2018